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Top five wacky but wonderful loft conversions

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The majority of people who have a loft conversion tend to convert into either an extra bedroom or office/storage space. We’ve compiled a list of alternative loft conversion ideas, albeit some of them are very different, you will get a tonne of ideas that will inspire you.

1. Photographers penthouse – this is more of a loft extension but still the same principle – a photographer had a huge all glass room added on top of his home. Amazing!
2. Recording studio – a huge space to record music, complete with full sound insulation.
3. Art studio – a large open space with lots of natural light to get those creative juices pumping.
4. An office with a balcony – a great example of bringing the outside in. A modern swanky office with large sliding glazed doors to reveal a roof top balcony.
5. Climbing loft – one lucky family is out there with a huge rock-climbing loft sat above them. This design has made use of the complex geometry often found in attic spaces to create a series of challenging ‘rock’ walls.