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Steel beams for loft conversions

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Once you have decided to have a loft conversion there are several things you need to consider, one of the most important factors will be making sure your conversion is structurally sound. In most cases, existing lofts do not have internal load-bearing walls to support a new structure so that’s where beams come in to play.

Once installed they have the ability to hold the extra weight of the converted space. There are a couple of different options for your beams material but the most commonly used is steel. Steel is a cheaper material choice and overall can help keep costs down.

Steel beams also offer durability, this is a big factor in your loft conversion as you want everything to remain as structurally sound for as long as possible. The only main risk associated with steel beams is the risk of rust. This isn’t a high risk especially when you compare to timber beams that could potentially rot, develop damp or insect infestation.

Steel beams generally are easier to install too. They can be broken down into smaller sections and then reconnected using specialist equipment.