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Removing a water tank in loft

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If you are looking to remove your water tank in the loft in preparation for your new loft conversion then you will need to consider what your options are.

Chances are if you have a water tank still in your loft then you are still using a fairly old system. The old vented heating system used to be in most homes in the UK but in recent years many now have a modern alternative which takes your water directly from the mains. If you are looking to remove your water tank you will need to look at replacing with either a system or a combi boiler.

A combi boiler is the most commonly installed in the UK because of the convivence it offers. It takes cold water from the mains and heats on demand. Combi boilers are also a lot smaller in size and does not require a hot water cylinder. A system boiler heats your radiators only from the mains, you will still need a hot water cylinder for domestic use. When you upgrade you are likely to see a reduction in your heating bills.