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Dividing a room with a partition wall

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There are many reasons for needing an extra room in your home, such as a growing family, the need for an office, or siblings wanting some privacy. If building an extension is off limits and you are unable to create a loft conversion, an alternative option could be to add a wall partition to create two small rooms for one large room.

You can add a partition wall in a variety of different ways, depending on how permanent you wish this alteration to last. For a permanent change, simply adding a wood and plasterboard wall will work perfectly, creating a wall that blends into the rest of the room.

For a less permanent option, you could add a long ceiling rail and curtain, partitioning the room with the material, this can be an option for providing older siblings with some extra privacy. There are other alternatives too, such as a plastic folding wall that can be put up and taken down as required.