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Bench Seating for your Summerhouse

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Bench seating is a fine option for summerhouses and that’s because they can be extremely versatile. If you’re designing them yourself, you can make them into chairs, which lift up so there are storage spaces below. The whole bench panel that you sit on can be raised so you can store equipment such as books, magazines, shoes and candles, so you never run out of supplies! With bench seating, you can also neatly arrange them around a coffee table, whilst it means you do not have to ever buy or update chairs. The only job you may need to do is reupholster the cushions every few years to stay on trend. Another big advantage with bench seating is that it can save space. These are tight to the wall of the summerhouse so you make full use of the space on offer and leave more of an area in the middle of the room for coffee tables, radios or TVs.